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Matt Elrod, Dr. Ethan Russo, Michelle Rainey, Deb Harper, Nora Callahan

Delegates, UN-endorsed International NGO conference “Beyond 2008”,
Matt Elrod, Dr. Ethan Russo, Michelle Rainey, Deb Harper, Nora Callahan

Deb Harper

Deb is a principal and founder of CanEvolve. She has worked in drug policy and web development since 1998 by creating and assisting with web, marketing, writing, research, social media, business plans, and multifaceted skills.

Drug Policy Initiatives, Credentials, Work
CanEvolve Submission: Task Force on Cannabis Legalization Aug. 2016
CanEvolve: Cannabis Consultant / Facilitator 2015
Webmaster – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) 2002-2011
Canadian Cannabis Coalition delegate, UN-endorsed
International NGO conference “Beyond 2008”
February 4-5, 2008
Editor: Cannabis and Hemp Section, DrugSense Weekly Newsletter 2006-2008
University Of Calgary: Complementary Medicine Speaker Series March 8, 2001
Hempty Marketing Plan May 2000
Staff: DrugSense / Media Awareness Project / Drug Policy Central 2000-2011 1998-ongoing
Co-Founder, Marijuana Party (Federal) 1999
Canadian Cannabis Coalition Networking List April,1999 to (ongoing)
Co-Founder, Canadian Cannabis Coalition 1999-ongoing
The Universal Compassion Centre 1998-2000
Papers 1994-2003
Published Letters Archive 1998 – 2003
Other Writing
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Healing Herb Festival
Universal Compassion Centre Fundraiser
September 2, 2000
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