CanEvolve is a multi-faceted think tank that produces media, analysis, and provides consulting services. We are on the forefront of “The Evolution of Cannabis in Canada”. We are dedicated to educating the public, business and government about current and future cannabis metrics. We have decades of prior background experience in various disciplines, including educating the public, media and politicians on the subject of cannabis. We create quality educational content, consult in policy, health, marketing, information, growing, and other various industry specific problems and solutions.

On April 20, 2016, the Canadian Government announced it would legalize cannabis in the late summer/fall of 2018. Some of the population will be upset, fearful and mistrustful of this decision and we can help educate about cannabis – what it does, what to expect and how society as a whole can benefit.

We hold private and public consultations with business, governments, individuals and organizations to provide information about medicinal, historical, social, regulatory and any related topic that concerns them.

We are always on the look out for others who wish to join us on our mission.

CanEvolve – Talking Points
Cannabis Education – What is cannabis? How can it affect us? How to grow it? How to use it? What strains are best for me? What will legalization look like? “I have been smoking for decades, what will change with legalization?” “I don’t use cannabis, and I wonder what will happen when it’s legalized? So many questions, but there are also answers.

Cannabis Knowledge – In order to minimize harms, especially for youth, truth and proven knowledge must be used to eliminate the confusion, caused, in part, by decades of non-factual information, delivered by authorities.

Cannabis for Kids – Cannabis should be available for everyone, regardless of age, if needed medicinally. For non-medical use, the greatest harm from cannabis, until the science is truly established, is usually a criminal record. To help reduce this harm, it should be available to teens at the same age they can legally obtain alcohol and tobacco, or at the age of 16 as recommended by the Special Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs in 2002. For those younger who are caught with cannabis, no criminal record should ever be issued for possessing cannabis.

Cannabis Cultivation – Small growing operations must be permitted and licenced to grow smaller batches than the large producers. Adults must be allowed to grow their own cannabis.

Cannabis As Medicine – Cannabis must always be available to those who require it for medicinal use, regardless of age. It has proven health benefits, deters cancer, alleviates pain, and improves quality of life for many living with chronic pain and disease. Cannabis, statistically, is safer than virtually anything humans intake into their bodies. There has never been a recorded death in thousands of years of use.

Deb Harper – Founder, Writer, Consultant

Deb has been involved with cannabis advocacy since 1992, a pioneer in the cannabis movement who has industry-specific knowledge, encompassing the terminology and contemporary history. In 1998, co-founded the Universal Compassion Centre, a medical cannabis dispensary in Calgary and created the longest running Canadian cannabis website on the internet – CannabisLink.ca. In 1999, she co-founded the Canadian Cannabis Coalition, an umbrella organization for cannabis-related businesses, organizations, academics and individuals. She did full time contract work for DrugSense from 2001 until 2011.

Today she is working to help educate about cannabis through CanEvolve.

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Steven Brown – Media and Public Relations
Steve is passionate about getting the facts out on cannabis.
The pros, cons, and everything in between.
He is an award-winning broadcast journalist, with 26 years of experience, in radio & TV.
He makes his home in Southern Alberta, and is the father of two grown children.